Wheat Harvest

We received a generous $500 donation last year which we used to plant 2 acres of wheat in Uganda. The wheat was recently harvested and it yielded 3,050 kilos of wheat, worth $2,562 at today’s prices. The prices will go up after everybody else has sold theirs, so we will hold onto most of it and sell at an even better price. That’s at least a 5x return on investment!
We will sell 1,200 kilos now to rent 5 acres for the next growing season and plant new wheat. When we sell the remainder, the funds will be used to help with the general budget of the orphanage for things like food, clothing, and school fees.
Most people have no idea how big of a difference they can make with how little money!
To contribute to projects like this, please visit our donation page for our Empowerment Campaign at https://donate.lightforceone.org/empowerment