The Well

This is what started it all!

I decided to fun a well and irrigation system for an orphanage in Uganda that had 500 children in primary school spread over two sites in two different villages and they wanted to get it up to 700. It would also benefit a women’s empowerment group with 200 women in it. The well would enable them to grow more food.

After sending the money I asked for pictures of the progress. 2 days later I had a picture of two men digging a hole in the ground with a shovel and a pick axe. 8 days later I had a picture of a 40 foot hole with water in the bottom.

When I saw that picture, I knew that I had just made a lasting positive impact on nearly 1,000 lives. The world was now literally a better place for my having been here! The feeling that this gives somebody is something that cannot be described. There are no adequate words.

I decided to form Lightforce One for two reasons. First was so that I could do more of this work than my funds alone could do, and second to allow my donors to be able to experience what I experienced when I saw that picture of a 40 foot hole with water in the bottom.

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