Status on the chickens

Chicks at 3 weeks

The chicken project is moving along really well! While the chicks are only 3 weeks old, their agricultural advisor said they look more like 4 weeks old. They are growing nicely.

We are raising $2,000 to build a permanent structure to house the adult hens and roosters separately from the chicks. This is for the health and safety of the chicks as well as to make it easier to tell them apart when the chicks get older.

As part of this phase of the project, we will be purchasing a special brick-making machine that will reduce the overall construction costs of the chicken farming project and make better quality buildings. The machine will also be used for the construction of a campus that was designed for them years ago.

Here is a video tour that I did of one of the campuses when I visited over the 2018/2019 new year –

Also, below is a screenshot of the new campus they want to build.

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Proposed new campus drawing