Shakira Scholarship 2022

This is Shakira, the girl our founder, Dave Bauer, gave a scholarship to via Lightforce One. She is is in grade 3 (of 6) in senior school. After that, she goes to university to study law. Included in these pics is why she wants to study law and part of why he selected her.

The all-inclusive cost to send her to private secondary school is $425 per year. When she gets to university, it will be $650. Most people have no idea how big of an impact they can make in this world with how little money!

The one of her in the pink dress is from 2018 when she applied for the scholarship

Dave was able to get a pic with her in 2019 while visiting Uganda

Red shirt pic is her first day of private school

Green outfit is 2021

School uniform is 2022

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