Received New Brick-Making Machine

I’ve wanted to get this machine to this orphanage in Uganda for almost 2 years. It makes higher quality bricks, requiring less mortar, no burning of wood, no deforestation, the bricks are made faster and they are stronger.

I was determined to get this game-changing brick-making machine to them before the end of the year. With the help of a large donation, we were able to make this happen! Training starts January 5th! We have over 100 people that want to participate in training.

The bricks this machine makes are interlocking. So, they require even less mortar, and they make beautiful buildings. In addition to the brick-making training, we will have a mason skilled in working with these bricks come out and train how to build with them.

The bricks made with this machine can be used to make new structures on the campuses of this orphanage/school or can be sold to help with their general budget. Also, we will be getting two people started in a business of building with these bricks. One of them is a volunteer at the orphanage and the other is a young man who was not able to attend secondary school for higher education.

Our goal always is for these projects to have multiple benefits. This project will certainly meet that goal!