Raising funds by making bricks

Dump truck
Two villagers want to buy interlocking bricks from the orphanage in Uganda. The cost to fund this was ~$445. We will be paying the four volunteers who are making these bricks. They were not expecting this.
After materials and labor, the net proceeds for the orphanage will be $1,459. That is a 3x return on investment! On top of that, two people that we set up in the business of masonry will be hired to build these houses.
Out of the net proceeds, they will hold on to enough money for materials and labor of making the next batch of bricks, when an order comes in. This project will then be self-sufficient. It already paid for itself when we upgraded the walls of the chicken house from wood slats to brick earlier this year.
It doesn’t take a lot of money to make huge differences in this world! This project exemplifies that!
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