Building First Chicken Coup

Building chicken coup

It’s been a great couple of weeks! Construction on the temporary chicken coup is almost done. Once completed they will be able to raise 400 chickens per year. This is just the beginning, once built to capacity they will be able to raise 2,000 chickens per year!

So far, we’ve raised $2,250 of the $3,000 needed to kick off the chicken rearing project! Next, we’ll need to purchase equipment like feeders, waterers, an egg incubator, etc. Then, of course, we will need to feed and care for them until they start producing revenue. We are only $750 away from funding the kickoff of this project!

Once at capacity, this project will provide half of the budget for the two orphanage and primary school sites in Uganda servicing roughly 500 children. This is a HUGE impact for these folks!

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