Matilda Scholarship 2 of 3

This is Matilda. She is the wife of the director of the orphanage in Uganda that Lightforce One works with.

We just paid $650 for year 2 of 3 of her university costs. She is studying for a bachelor’s degree in Adult and Community Education so that they can start a trade school for the villagers when she graduates. Her work will positively affect many lives! …

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Upgrading Roof on Chicken Coup

Earlier this year we upgraded the walls on the chicken coup we built in Uganda from wood slats to bricks made with the new brick machine we purchased.

Last month, we upgraded the roof from a thatch roof that continually needed to be replaced to a metal roof that will for many years…

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Empowerment Campaign

Lightforce One is raising $300,000 for ambitious projects planned throughout the end of 2022 and all of 2023. Our efforts will be focused on continuing our work in Africa and beginning work on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, located in South Dakota…

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Upgrading the Walls on the Chicken Coup

For our first construction project with the bricks made with the new interlocking brick-making machine, we upgraded the walls on the temporary chicken coup. You can see from the images how much better the brick walls look, and you can even see how they interlock….

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Learning to make Bricks with the new machine

We planned on having 5 or 6 people in the training, but nearly 100 showed up! These villagers are always so enthusiastic about progress and developments.

Two of the young men learning to make bricks here will later be set up with their own brick masonry business…

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Received New Brick-Making Machine

I’ve wanted to get this machine to this orphanage in Uganda for almost 2 years. It makes higher quality bricks, requiring less mortar, no burning of wood, no deforestation, the bricks are made faster and they are stronger. I was determined to get this game-changing brick-making machine to them…

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