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About Lightforce One


The mission of Lightforce One is to make lasting differences in the world with projects where the work of the donor’s dollar will likely outlive the donor!



Our vision is to provide a mechanism to help those in need around the world to become self-sufficient, regardless of their religion or culture.


Wikipedia states that “charity aims to relieve the pain of a particular social problem, whereas philanthropy attempts to address the root cause of the problem—the difference between the proverbial gift of a fish to a hungry person, versus teaching them how to fish”. What we do is the latter, philanthropy. We do not want to create dependence, rather we work to create independence!

We focus on things like wells, education, leadership coaching, teaching trades, building communities and keeping donated money in the community so that they can build businesses, commerce and industry. The more these communities can service each other’s needs, the more they will grow. And, if they can begin to export goods and services, then they will have real growth! This is our goal with those who we work with.

The work that we do is NOT contingent on a person’s or a group’s spiritual beliefs or political views. This is one of our core values.

Core Values:

  • We believe that the religious and/or political beliefs and culture of people should be respected.
  • We are here to provide long term solutions.
  • We want our donors to be connected to the projects that they fund. We want them to see, first hand, the fruits of their efforts and donations.
  • Our work is worldwide. We are willing to go wherever we are welcome. This includes our homeland of the United States.

In 2018 Dave Bauer personally funded a well and irrigation system in Uganda which he expected to affect the lives of almost 1,000 people. He had asked for pictures of the progress and when he got a picture of a 40-foot hole with water in the bottom, he knew that the world was now a better place for his having been here. There are really no words that can adequately describe that feeling! He formed Lightforce One for two reasons. The first was to be able to do more of this kind of work than the 10% of his income that he had dedicated for this purpose would do. The second reason was to give other people (donors) the opportunity to experience what he did when he saw that picture.

He has decided to dedicate the remainder of his life to helping the underprivileged and the marginalized of the world. He has a tendency to approach problems from a first-principles approach. This approach is something that Elon Musk talks about in which you gather the indisputable facts about a problem or challenge and disregard all of the assumptions about what the best way is to accomplish something. You look at it objectively with a fresh set of eyes and evaluate all ideas.

He also firmly believes that rendering help should be contingent or conditioned on a person’s religious beliefs. A story that he likes to tell about this core value of his is about a young girl in Uganda that he gave a full scholarship to. When visiting Uganda, he learned that this young girl was Muslim. He thought to himself “How perfect!” Here he was, born and raised a Christian, and he is sending a Muslim girl to school on the other side of the world with no strings attached. This is how the world should be! This is how Dave envisions that the world can be.

He heard a saying once that he loved. “If you expect something in return when giving, you are not giving, you are trading.”

Dave uses 10% of his income to make the world a better place. He firmly believes that if everyone in the world, who has disposable income, would dedicate a specific portion of that income to really making the world a better place, expecting nothing in return, this world would be a marvelous place for all to live in for everyone!

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