In charity, you send a bag of beans and say “here’s a bag of food”

In philanthropy, you send a bag of beans and say “here’s a bag of seeds”

About Us

Uplifting and empowering the underprivileged and the marginalized

Lightforce One works to provide holistic long term solutions, such as wells and irrigation systems, agriculture projects, trades, education, training, etc.

Our work is not contingent on one’s religious beliefs or political affiliations. In short, there are no strings attached. We not only respect local cultures, we wish to help preserve them.


A holistic, first principles approach to complex problems

Economic Independence

We work on projects to help build self-sufficiency


Help with the overall projects, or sponsor individual children who you can write with and share in their personal growth

Long-term solutions

We don’t just dig a well or build a building and move on. We work to uplift entire communities to enable them to succeed

Empowering the underprivileged and marginalized so that they can thrive!


Lightforce One was founded in 2018 after Dave Bauer, its founder, personally funded a well and irrigation system in Uganda

We have started a chicken farming project which, when built to our target capacity, will produce 2,000 chickens per year and will produce revenue equal to half of the expenses of the 500 children in primary school.

We’ve started a “Virtual Adoption” program in which a donor can select a child to sponsor with a monthly donation. You will get pictures and letters from the child and be able to write back.

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